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What do we do?

We study and manufacture prototypes and series of printed circuits, whether bare or assembled.

We also design and manufacture front panels, mechanical accessories and housings.


What can we do for you ?

As you are a specialist in designing electronic circuits, staying at the top of your field is one of your primary concerns. We handle the study of your printed circuits (layout engineering) and the manufacture of prototypes and series of circuits.

We can supply you with cards assembled using SMD or conventional technology. We can provide you at short notice with small run facilities or high-level production.

We can handle the mecatronic development of your project such as the front panel, the housing and silk screen, which we also offer.







Looking for a designer ?

Everyone has their own speciality. Since we are not actual designers of electronic circuits, we can, when required, direct you to our customers who are skilled in this field.



Your electronic diagrams are your property and must remain confidential. When we take on a dossier, we sign a confidentiality agreement if you so wish.




Your technical interlocutor

Francoli Catsampas, will be your technical interlocutor throughout the study, thus guaranteeing respect for your specific requirements.

Francoli has 30 years of experience in the study of printed circuits.


It was for yesterday !

Printed circuits are studied at the end of the design cycle and often with very tight deadlines.

Our SME structure and the manufacturing partners we have selected are key factors that allow us to guarantee flexibility and rapid reaction to your needs.






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 B-5060 TAMINES (Sambreville)
 TEL +32 71 51.70.52

 Ouvert du lundi au vendredi
 de 08H30 à 12H30 et
 de 13H30 à 18H00

 TVA : BE 0472.035.949
 Banque : ING
 IBAN : BE61-3701-0716-8317
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