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Mecatronics ?

A development project often includes mechanical elements that the electronics designers wish to subcontract.

We can handle the development of front panels, housings, silk screen processes and mechanical accessories, which we also offer.

Acceptance of your dossier

We arrange a meeting with you to discuss your project and to clearly identify your aesthetic and technical requirements and deadline.

We examine with you the different solutions to meet your needs, according to the volume to be manufactured.





We submit to you one or more drafts to allow you to assess the aesthetic aspects and to select the definitive solutions.




We complete the production drawings under AUTOCAD for the mechanical parts and under CORELDRAW for the graphic elements.

A draft copy of these drawings is submitted for your approval prior to manufacture.



We have a network of specialized subcontractors who deliver quality products.

We check the quality constancy of our manufacturing partners through a rigorous regime of inspections of the elements prior to delivery.

The results of the inspections are systematically filed and are the subject of statistics and, where appropriate, requests for corrective actions.







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