Presentation Study of PCB Manufacture of PCB Assembly of PCB Mecatronics Quality Customer area

Our operating structure is based on respect for the ISO 9001 quality standard. From the bid phase through all the intermediate stages of the study until the handing over of the final documentation, we use a dedicated IT tool that guarantees perfect traceability of studies.


Our manufacturing partners

We have selected several quality European partners for the manufacture and assembly of printed circuits.

We check quality constancy through a rigorous regime of inspections of the circuits prior to delivery and through regular audits.

The results of the inspections are systematically filed and are the subject of statistics and, where appropriate, requests for corrective actions.


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 TEL +32 71 51.70.52

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 TVA : BE 0472.035.949
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 IBAN : BE61-3701-0716-8317
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